About Us

Welcome to OWIT UK

OWIT UK is a business membership organisation for women and men working in all facets of international trade, designed to promote the advancement of women in trade and business.

The OWIT UK Chapter is part of OWIT International, the global umbrella organisation for chapters independently established in specific geographic regions. OWIT Chapters are formed, governed, and operated at the local level. 

OWIT Chapters host programs, activities and events enabling their members to learn and share, network and forge professional relationships in their business communities that enable them to trade internationally.

As a global organisation, we facilitate, connect and collaborate. We are a conduit, between other Business Support Organisations, local governments, private industry and women entrepreneurs. We are in a unique position as we bring our voices, the voices of women traders, into global conversations and also in national ones, highlighting our challenges and putting forward our recommendations for how we think policies and legislation can assist us to trade, grow and thrive.

The OWIT International network has over 2,000 individual members in chapters located throughout the world. This dynamic structure enables OWIT members to take advantage of member benefits both locally and globally and to also access new markets and contacts.

How it all began..

Established in 1989 at an inaugural board meeting held in Los Angeles, OWIT International is a voluntary non-profit professional group of women and men involved/interested in international trade and business. OWIT International serves as the unifying body of a growing network of chapters located in the Americas, Europe, and Africa. OWIT International also supports a virtual chapter for individuals involved in international trade and business who do not have access to a local OWIT International chapter where they reside or work. Membership in a local or the virtual chapter gives automatic access to the OWIT International network. OWIT International’s values and philosophy embrace its mission statement: United around the globe to foster international trade and the advancement of women in business.

Who is it for?

OWIT UK is for anyone who wants to support the advancement of women in international trade and business. Members benefit from access to international communities, markets, educational programmes and networking opportunities.

OWIT UK Structure

Executive Board

The Executive Board includes the President and Vice Presidents who run the OWIT UK Chapter.

Advisory Board

Advisory Board members occupy  honorary strategic roles, providing insights and support to the Executive Board.


We welcome professionals, academics, entrepreneurs, businesses, corporations and organisations. We also invite students and those starting their professional careers.

Strategic Partnerships

OWIT UK have established strategic connections with local and international organisations aligned to our goals and mission.