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We invite OWIT UK members to note the following activities taking place during November 2021 by the UK Department of International Trade

International Trade Week

The UK’s first ever International Trade Week is here. The week offers a series of exciting events to help businesses learn more about selling globally and connect with trade industry experts.

Whether your business currently sells goods or services internationally, or is yet to start, whether you are a small business new to exporting to multinational companies looking to expand your horizons, International Trade Week will give you the inspiration, advice and confidence to take the next steps to grow your business.

You can build your own programme of events across the week, with both virtual and in-person opportunities available. From webinars on key global markets (e.g. doing business in Singapore) through to Free Trade Agreement (FTA) workshops, with events will be run by both Government and businesses, there is something for every business.

You can tailor your week’s programme to meet your company’s needs. Sign up is simple – follow the links below to register for the events taking place and discover your business’s full exporting potential.


Search via the link below to register for International Trade Week events on a day by day basis. Please note that these will be continually updated with upcoming events, so check back often.