OWIT UK, together with NATWEST hosted the inaugural conference on Expanding Trade Horizons. Going Global: A to Z of international trade on 25th October 2022 at the NatWest head offices in London.

The day was hosted by OWIT UK President, Noreen Burroughes Cesareo and Director of Women in Business at Natwest, Yvonne Greeves and gathered industry and subject matter experts as well as women traders and businessmen involved in international trade.

The agenda provided practical guidance needed to successfully navigate the international trade & business landscapes. Industry and expert speakers passed on valuable and timely information in panel dsicussions, while looking at challenges and solutions available.

Curated keynotes, fireside chats, signposting and three masterclasses left attendees with insights and take-aways on topics such as foreign transactions, cash flows, trade finance, customs, logistics and many more.

Participants also heared from women who are already trading internationally, as they shared their insights and tips. The full programme with speakers may be viewed here.